A man is dating three ladies and needs to choose which to wed.

He chooses to give them a test. He gives every lady a present of $5,000 and watches to perceive what they do with the cash.

The first completes an aggregate makeover. She goes to a favor delight salon, completes her hair, buys new make-up and purchases a few new outfits, and spruces up pleasantly for the man.

She discloses to him that she has done this to be more appealing for him since she adores him to such an extent.

The man is awed.

The second goes shopping to purchase the man endowments.

She gets him another arrangement of Solid golf clubs, some new doohickey’s for his PC, and some costly clothes. As she exhibits these blessings, she reveals to him that she has spent all the cash on him since she cherishes him to such an extent.

Once more, the man is inspired.

The third puts the cash in money markets.

She wins a few times the $5,000. She gives him back his $5000 and reinvests the rest of a shared service.

She reveals to him that she needs to put something aside for their future since she cherishes him to such an extent.

Clearly, the man was awed.

The man thought for quite a while about what every lady had finished with the cash.

Figure which woman he wed?

Adopt the thought process of a man . . .

(Look down for the appropriate response)

He wedded the most wonderful one.

MEN will be MEN…. Clearly!!!

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